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2012 Turkey Trip

November 2012 - Turkey

Two years since our last Volunteering/Teaching trip, HFVC took 20 Volunteers to Marmaris in November 2012, to teach English, Dance, Sports, Maths, Arabic, and Russian. We also learnt some Turkish. For 5 full days we volunteered/taught from 8.30am-4pm. The students were hugely appreciative of the work we did and felt some improvements in their areas of study. They have asked us to come again.

We were fortunate to receive books, videos and games from The Walt Disney Corporation and HarperCollins to donate and distribute to the schools in Marmaris, namely the Ahu Hetman school, being one of them. The children were happy to recieve the gifts, some of the books going to the school libraries.

One of our volunteers organised a fashion show for the girls, to show off the wonderful colours of historic Turkish costumes. Apart from volunteer-teaching, we also gave time off for volunteers to explore the ancient cities of the area and the coast lines. We were fortuante to have good weather after our third day in Marmaris.

İt has been an enjoyable expereince for all involved once again. Our thanks to the organisers, schools, restaurant, which prepared our daily lunches and the friendships and partnerships we have created with the Turkish peoples in Marmaris.

Marion Schumann   

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Ahu Hetman Primary School has guests from England. They represent a volunteer service in London, Hammersmith & Fulham. They will attend classes to teach English, art and to play games with students. Also they mention about the importance between two countries and in the future they want to do some cooperation between Turkey and the United Kingdom.