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HFVC Hosts European Common Box Visitors to Share Best Practice in Volunteering

March 25th - 27th 2013 - Hammersmith

HFVC Hosts European Common Box Visitors to Share Best Practice in Volunteering

HAMMERSMITH (March 25-27 2013) – Visitors from volunteering organisations from France, Italy and Germany spent 3 days at the Hammersmith & Fulham Volunteer Centre (HFVC) learning and sharing volunteering best practice from across Europe. Through the project ‘The Common Box’, funded by Grundtvig (part of the European Union’s Lifelong Learning Programme), the organisations will take it in turns visiting each country to learn first-hand about good volunteering practice and to produce a volunteering handbook and toolkit for other organisations across Europe to use.

Visitors from Itinéraire International in France, German Academy for Volunteering in Germany and Centro Savonese di Servizi per il Voluntariato (CESAVO) arrived in Hammersmith to learn how volunteering works from one of the most successful and dynamic Volunteer Centres in London. These organisations and HFVC are members of Volunteurope, which promotes voluntary action across the European Union.

HFVC Chief Executive Marion Schumann said, "We were honoured to welcome the volunteering organisations from across Europe and were proud to share how we do we volunteering in the United Kingdom. Our international guests have been keen to learn, in particular, how we engage with businesses and harness their Corporate Social Responsibility objectives to deliver business volunteering. Director of CSR for Disney, Tammy McFeggan, was kind enough to present to the group on Disney volunteering activity in the community as well as joining a team from Betfair who were participating in a ‘Community Challenge’, helping to clean up the garden for the Sisters of Nazareth Nursing Home in Hammersmith."

Clémentine Laforêt, International Relations Manager of Itinéraire International, said, "The visit at Hammersmith and Fulham Volunteer Centre was very interesting. It gave me a lot of new ideas and new knowledge on the subject. I expect to develop new ideas in France. Regarding our cooperation in the Common Box project, I think this first visit has set a very productive mood for the whole duration of the project. I am really looking forward to be at our next meeting".

Thomas Kegel, Studies Director for Akademie für Ehrenamtlichkeit Deutschland (German Academy for Volunteering), commented, "A BIG Thank you to the HFVC team for hosting us and providing an inspiring workshop! You have been wonderful hosts, very supportive and we – as the German partners in the project- have gained a very good insight in the various programmes of HFVC. The most difference to our German experience in volunteering is: you are working more to develop the individual skills of the volunteers. And also you are more experienced in working with business companies which you involve into your programmes! Very inspiring to us."



Photo Information

No. 1
The 4 Common Box Organisations (HFVC, Itinerarie International, CESAVO and Germany Academy of Volunteerism)

No. 2
HFVC CEO Marion Schumann Delivers a Workshop to Common Box visitors

No. 3
Clemetine Lafloret from Itineraire International during a Workshop

No. 4
HFVC shows Common Box visitors how volunteering is done in the UK

No. 5
Common Box visit a community ‘challenge’ by a team from Betfair who were helping clean up a garden for Sisters of Nazareth Nursing Home