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EVS Romania | Volunteering in Europe
“Volunteering in Europe” was a short term European Voluntary Service - EVS project that took place for 2 weeks in October 2013 in two cities in Romania, the beautiful town of Sibiu and the capital, Bucharest.

The project involved 10 young volunteers, sent by the sending and coordinating organization Hammersmith and Fulham Volunteer Centre. The volunteers were hosted by the Chance for Life Foundation from Bucharest, Romania.

The themes of the project were anti-discrimination and unemployment. Its objectives were:

“I feel that the project met some of my expectations as it allowed me to explore a different culture, learn about this culture, and also I felt that as a team we were able to give to the Romanian community some of our skills and messages through the performances we put on. I felt that I gained a lot of social skills; being able to meet new people and work together as a team for the length of the stay. I feel that I developed my personal skills as I was able to go away to another country and cope well on my own without family.

I gained a lot of knowledge about another culture and their way of life. In being able to learn this, it made me able to teach others about my own British culture which highlighted the differences and similarities between the cultures. I feel that this experience has helped me to recognise areas that I feel are important such as education, equality, and discrimination which I think may have an impact in the choice of career that I will later fulfil. I would definitely recommend EVS to others because I think that it is a great opportunity, experience and there are a lot of things that one can gain from this, including life time skills.”


“Definitely! It was a very valuable experience. Learnt to work as a team in a laid back friendly setting. Learnt about a new culture. Practiced forum theatre. Saw the natural environment in all its glory. Interacted with young people locally and from across Europe. Visited Charitable organisations which were very educational and particularly humbling experiences. Fellow participants were very kind, inclusive and friendly. A worthwhile experience for anyone but particularly for young people starting a career or unsure of what they wish to do in the future. A strong experience to carry with you for I suspect a long time”

“Personally and professionally this experience has allowed me to expand my CV and opened me up to so much more opportunities. It makes me want to see more of Europe and travel and see what else it has to offer. I would definitely recommend EVS to others, because it will create unforgettable memories, lifelong friendships and the ability to grow and be aware of others around you.”


“It was a good learning experience as it helped me personally to think and see things out of my comfort zone and as a result gained more confidence and self-esteem. So yes I would recommend people to go for the EVS Project as you grow and learn about things and meet so many different people you never would have thought you would met.”


This project has been funded with support from the European Union. This publication/communication reflects the views only of the author, and the European Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of information contained therein.

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