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The Common Box Project

The Common Box was a learning partnership project lead by Itinéraire International (France) – with link http://itineraire-international.org. During a Volonteurope with link http://www.volonteurope.eu meeting in Sarajevo in October 2009, an informal working group originally composed by the 4 partners Cesavo (Italy), Akademie für Ehrenamtlichkeit (Germany), Itineraire International (France) and HFVC (UK) was set up to look into the possibility of a joint project. During a preparatory visit in September 2010 in Berlin, the project partners discussed and agreed the general aims and objectives as well as the methodology for the project and identified the Grundtvig Programme/Learning Partnership as the most appropriate funding. Communication amongst partners continued after the visit via mail and Skype and at the annual Volonteurope Conference in Athens in October 2010. After a first unsuccessful attempt, a revised and improved project proposal was submitted in February 2012.

The Common Box aimed to improve quality of services delivered by the voluntary sector, facilitate local networks, help local voluntary and community groups find new initiatives, share methods of evaluation and innovative strategies in the areas of fundraising, communication, promotion & marketing.

The partnership felt it was essential for the voluntary sector in a time of economic crisis across the EU to:

In order to achieve this, the project partnership decided to use international mobilities of staff and learners. Over the life of the project, participants visited organisations and projects in the four partner countries (UK, Germany, France and Italy), learnt about best practice, shared ideas and identified possible solutions to common problems.

During the last two visits, coordinators also worked and agreed on a follow-up project proposal for a ‘Common Box 2’ which would see partners working together on a joint project on disability focussing on making volunteering accessible to all.

The results of the project and the Workbook on Volunteer Coordination and Volunteer Management can be found on the EST website and will be presented and discussed at the Volonteurope Annual Conference link to taking place in Malta in November 2014.

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