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Fem 21
The Fem 21 Project is a Grundtvig project organised by the Ariadna Association Romania, Connection Roumanie, France and the Romanca Society UK, in partnership with HFVC, CAVSA and Elgin Close Resource Centre. The project focuses on women’s roles in Europe through culture, art, theatre, literature, poetry and music. It will look at women’s contribution to society and also engage with men to educate them in these areas.

The project will also examine language and ways of communicating in each country, with the aim of eradicating prejudices by learning about cultural diversity, respect and mutual understanding.

Through workshops, exhibitions and the arts, the Fem 21 project aims to promote understanding between men and women, and reduce cultural isolation, ignorance and intolerance.

Having visited Romania in May 2012, the UK partners are expecting a delegation of the partnership from France and Romania in October2012. The final visit to France will be in May 2013.

HFVC will keep Volonteurope members and other relevant stakeholders, updated on its activities and is willing to share case studies with its membership. For more information and ways to get involved, please contact Marion Schumann at marion@hfvc.org.uk.