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Youth Exchange in Lithuania

Once upon a time a group of young people gathered in Zarasai, Lithuania. There were youngsters from Lithuania, Spain, Estonia and the UK. The purpose of the visit was to discuss emigration and unemployment among young people in different European countries.

The first day of the project focussed on getting to know each other, our countries and backgrounds, to build up the relationships and build into one big family.

To break the ice, the group played some introduction and name games. Also part of the project were Cultural Evenings, whose purpose was to help us develop an understanding of the different cultures and people.

The project also involved discussions about volunteering. Every country made a presentation about emigration problems in their own country identifying reasons for this and looked at possible solutions. There were also presentations about voluntering opportunites abroad and in particular about EVS (European Voluntary Service).

Thank to this experience, Spanish participants said they had improved their English and British young people said they have learned that they have to speak slower because of the different levels of English amongst the different groups.

For many of the group it was their first youth exchange and they were not sure what to expect. During the project they not only got to know each other and made new friends but at the same time they got to know a bit more about themselves.

In conclusion, the project was a success and despite the rain and the cold, people still enjoyed their time together in Lithuania.

EglÄ— (Lithuania), James (UK), Kertu (Estonia), Aida (Spain), Lydia (Spain)