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Youth Project
16 - 25

For local organisations:

Training is on offer for local voluntary and community organisations and youth workers, businesses and public sector on Mental Health Awareness, Health and Safety and Risk Management.

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Next Move:

If you know any young people aged 16-25 with mental health problems that would benefit from this project then please contact:
Ben Page

Call 0207 741 9876
Email benjamin.page@hfmind.org.uk

To volunteer contact:
Peter Rodriguez
Call 0207 741 9876 or e
Email peter@hfvc.org.uk
The Creative Minds Youth Project is an exciting new project run in partnership by the H&F Volunteer Centre and H&F Mind which encourages young people aged 16-25 to be inspired to achieve their goals. It aims to get young people involved in their community and take part in exciting activities; it promotes and raises awareness of mental health problems within the wider community to reduce stigma and discrimination.

What young people will get out of it:
Young people can take part in exciting mentoring opportunities:

Volunteers can:
Enhance their knowledge and skills by becoming a mentor, offering support to young people with mental health problems; Enhance their CV; Receive free training; Gain a ASDAN Level 2 Award in Volunteering; Make new friends.

Mentees (young people with mental health problems) can:
Develop their confidence and motivation through 1:1 mentoring support; Develop their personal and social skills; Gain a ASDAN Level 2 Award in Volunteering; Make new friends; Have loads of fun.

More about the project:
The Creative Minds youth project recognises the vulnerability of young people to Mental Health Issues. We understand that a young person can very quickly become socially isolated. Young people affected by Stress, Depression and Anxiety need a supportive environment where they can be heard. This is why Creative Minds provides supportive peer mentoring and exciting creative group activities to young people aged 16-25 affected by mental distress.

Activities currently are Forum theatre workshops and Music Production workshops on a weekly basis. Funded by Comic Relief and run by Hammersmith and Fulham Mind and H&F Volunteer Centre, this fun youth-led project also offers free mental health awareness training to local organisations, with the aim of empowering and inspiring young people affected by mental distress.

Quotes from Young People:
On music production workshop:
‘Our small group has grown to quite a lively number now in the music workshop. The atmosphere is upbeat- feeding the creative energies required to make this album come musically alive. The album title has been decided and the volunteers are bouncing ideas off each other in an organic manner. What was interesting this week was how diverse the influences are and more importantly how they all fuse together…the building blocks of the group’s sound perhaps?’

On forum theatre workshop:  
‘Drama Workshop Series saw the volunteers warm up with a what at first seemed a relatively straight forward paper plate exercise, we had to lift and move the plate but with only one finger! This may sound pretty simple but the group dynamics and communication were tested as the idea of working together came into play.’

people involved in our project