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1. Coordination of local activities through the organisation of 8 Regional Workshops (from May 2010 to December 2010 in Tuscany, Italy)

2. Organisation of 3 exchanges and initiatives focusing on the themes of non-formal education, youth participation and communication of youth policies:

25th - 29th October 2010 - Florence, Italy
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26th - 30th January 2011 - London, UK
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23rd - 27th February 2011 - Brasov, Romania
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3. Organisation of 1 evaluation event to be held on 27th - 30th March 2011– Brussels, Belgium
Review - Coming Soon
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4. Drafting of a list of recommendations for a successful ‘Youth Policies Communication without borders’
TUNE UP - Transnational Youth Network

5. Produce a brochure outlining the project initiatives and achievements.
TUNE UP - Transnational Youth Network

TUNE-UP was a European funded project bringing together young people from different countries to discuss issues that affect them.

The project was led by the Tuscany Region (Italy) in partnership with the Hammersmith & Fulham Volunteer Centre (UK), Chance for Life (Romania), REVES (Belgium) and Italian Centre for Volunteering (Italy).

The Tune-Up project intended to create a long-lasting and stable system for the promotion of European citizenship and inclusion of young people, allowing them to have access to transnational opportunities through the support of youth organisations and local institutions. The strengthening of local partnerships and their opening to a transnational dimension represent the main instruments for the consolidation of long-lasting strategies, actions and programmes in the field of non-formal education and youth participation.

The purpose of the project was to boost cooperation at European level and to improve the quality of work surrounding youth involvement, opportunities and access, active citizenship and participation.

Each project activity focussed on communication, “Tune Up for Communication without borders”, in its different forms and instruments, as the boosting tool for social inclusion, equal opportunities, intercultural dialogue and promotion of European values, such us tolerance and respect for cultural diversity.

In order to achieve these goals, several activities were put in place in the 12 months of the project’s lifespan: